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Matcha Capsules™ combined with a healthy diet & exercise can help you lose inches off of your waist!


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About Matcha

Matcha is one of the purest green teas on earth. A unique tea used for centuries in Chinese civilizations and the Japanese tea ceremony to improve focus, increase energy, advance weight-loss, sustain memory, and help relaxation. Each tea tree is shade-grown to produce a rich green leaf containing 10x more antioxidants and nutrients than regular green tea. Our Matcha is 100% organic, fair-trade, and ground by stone to a Ceremonial Grade Tea.

Proven Benefits

Matcha has been clinically proven to benefit memory and focus while also containing cancer-fighting agents. Here are more of the proven benefits of Matcha: EGCG Catechins Prevent Tumor Growth Improves Energy, Increases Focus, Boosts Metabolism Lowers Blood Sugar, Aids Weight Loss Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Why Matcha Capsules?

Our Matcha Capsules are the easiest and most effective way to enjoy all the benefits of Matcha: - Each capsule contains 800mg of tea, the largest on the market - Matcha Gel Capsules are easier to consume than either messy powders or filler-packed tablets - Just one capsule can be used for several cups of tea